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It’s not a job, it’s a calling. Learn more about current job opportunities at Redemption Bible Chapel.

It’s not a job, it’s a calling. Learn more about current job opportunities at Redemption Bible Chapel.

Current Openings

Current Openings

Pastor of Biblical Soul Care

The Pastor of Biblical Soul Care (PBSC) will be the primary vision caster, developer, trainer, and counsellor for the Soul Care Ministry at Redemption. They will be responsible to develop, implement, and lead a variety of Soul Care related ministry initiatives aimed at addressing the “care” needs of Redemption. The PBSC will work closely with our Pastor of Small Group Discipleship to create an environment where Soul Care and Discipleship are mutually supportive ministries.


Full-time (40 hours), Salaried-Exempt.


Reports to the Assistant Senior Pastor.


To fulfill their mandate, the PBSC will focus on four key areas of ministry as follows:


1. Freedom Groups Ministry
• Research and plan out the launch of a new gospel-centred addictions/idols weekly ministry initiative called “Freedom Groups”
• Lead two 13-week sessions of “Freedom Groups” each ministry year (fall/spring)
• Recruit, equip, and develop a team of table leaders to serve each week
• Train table leaders in Soul Care basics so that they can start the path of potentially growing into lay counsellors
• Teach/facilitate the main session each week
• Leverage and refine the curriculum for this program using resources provided by the Great Commission Collective (GCC)
• Work with the Pastor of Small Group Discipleship to ensure smooth connectivity between congregants needing Freedom Groups
and re-integration into small groups


2. Volunteer Counsellor Ministry
• Research and plan out the launch of a “501” based Soul Care ministry within the church
• Recruit and train church members as volunteer counsellors at a “501” level and minister in various settings within the church
• Develop an ongoing equipping program to help lay counsellors continue to grow in their 501-level counselling
• Develop a process to connect hurting people in the church with trained volunteer counsellors
• Work with the Pastor of Small Group Discipleship to identify small group leaders and coaches that would benefit from 501 training
• Develop opportunities for counselling interns
• Coordinate volunteer counsellors with other ministry areas such as family, marriage, and pre-marriage


3. Individual Counselling
• Devote approximately ten hours per week to clinical counselling
• Consistently engage in one-on-one counselling of Redemption individuals and families
• Include co-counselors and observers in counselling whenever possible
• Provide case management follow-up through phone and email contact
• Focus on helping the most hurting and complex issues with individuals and families
• Commitment to ongoing training, counselling, and Soul Care ministry leadership through GCC and other training programs which support our vision and values
• Implement and continuously improve BSC best practices, policies, and procedures. Become proficient with BSC CareTrac database management system.


4. General Pastoral Duties
• Primary responsibility to oversee, supervise, train, and support the BSC ministries and lay counsellors throughout the church
• Help cast a vision for Soul Care to the congregation, staff, and lay leadership of the church
• Represent Soul Care and congregational counselling needs to the pastoral team and elders
• Become proficient with and capable to teach all GCC Soul Care/discipleship materials from 101-601, as they are developed
• Provide 301-401 level training to pastors/elders to help us continually move our shepherding efforts forward in the church
• Work with the Pastor of Small Group Discipleship to strengthen and impact the 101-201 small group training in areas of Soul Care skills for small group leaders
• Other Family/Care ministries: Identify and implement occasional peripheral area initiatives in family issues that have Soul Care components such as a parenting class, pre-marital counselling, and marriage renewal classes
• Learn how to complement other ministries of Redemption
• Promote like-mindedness and synergy throughout the entire staff regarding the importance of discipleship and Biblical Soul Care
• Assist in various other pastoral duties as required


• A Bachelor’s degree, preferably an M.Div or M.A. in Biblical Counselling
• Other Biblical Counselling certification completed or in progress (ie., ACBC, CCEF, ABC, IABC) would be an asset
• Must be willing to undergo further BSC training in partnership with the Great Commission Collective
• This position requires 3-5 years of ministry experience with enough exposure to biblical/pastoral counselling to be able to counsel at level 3 (corrective) upon hiring
• Demonstrated ability in teaching and equipping with passion and clarity
• We are looking for a proven leader and multiplier who can inspire and share their passion for helping people


• Personal, growing relationship with Jesus; a strong facility with the Word of God and committed to prayer
• Must meet the biblical qualifications of an elder as found in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9
• Must be a member of this church or become one upon employment
• Possess a deep love and commitment to the local church
• Be a self-starter with drive and passion

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Please note: Only applicants being considered for positions will be contacted. These role descriptions are not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee may be required to perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the church.




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